From the Dustbin Ep 15

What's wrong with the left? A lot of things in my eyes, and I discuss

some of them. We also begin our two-part look at white racism in

US history - focusing on the KKK's history.

From the Dustbin Episode 14

What is it with 2nd term presidents and the opposing side doing

everything they can to dig up a scandal and pile it on? Ever since

Watergate, every 2nd term president has had them, and this month's

events are no different. We examine why Rand Paul continues to

piss off everyone who once liked him. We take a look at the latest drama

in Notre Dame recruiting and also pay homage to the latest Rock and Roll

Hall of Fame inductee - Rush.

From the Dustbin Ep 13

There's one word you're bound to hear at least every 30 seconds

in a conversation with a Conservative. Constitution. We talk about

how those on the right that champion everything the Constitution says

"word for word" don't actually do that at all. Also, we shift to the

Dustbin's love for College football and discuss the changes in the

climate of the NFL draft.

From the Dustbin Episode 12

We just can't stop talking about guns - and for good reason. We

address the whackadoo gun crazy with our first Dustbin manifesto.

Plus, we continue with our #1 deadliest government lie and discuss

the biggest dolt in Washington - Michele Bachmann Nutcase Overdrive

From the Dustbin Episode 11

The deadliest government lies - Sure, every administration has "lied"

to a degree, but which ones were the deadliest and through the lens

of history, have been proven true? We look at which ones came close

and didn't make the cut (including our whacky zaney moment in history).

We also look at the failure of this Congress to pass ANYTHING gun

related, we try to forget about Margaret Thatcher, and another moralist

bites the dust!

From the Dustbin Episode 10

North Carolina - now the red state that's making me shake my

head. We look at the most misrepresented and misquoted people

in American history - the Founding Fathers, Gay Marriage 2.0, and

further talk about being a Progressive Centralist.

From the Dustbin Episode 09

As oil spews all over an Arkansas neighborhood, we discuss the

environment and how big corporations (like Exxon) are exempt from

everything the EPA should stand for, while the little guys get screwed.

We also look at the 4th and final thing that the Dustbin believes is

ruining America.

From the Dustbin Episode 08

The hot topic of gay marriage and is the country finally starting to

come around? We continue with the 4 things ruining the country - The

Wal-Martism of America.

From the Dustbin Episode 07

We continue with the next of the Dustbin's 4 things ruining our country

- our culture of unhealthy living - and why laws like the Bloomberg laws

create more problems than they solve, but still, how companies profit

off of keeping us unhealthy. We discuss how the problem can be fixed.

The middle east is re-visited, along with our "persons with balls"

- American Scoundrels.

From the Dustbin Episode 06

Revisiting Conservatism v Progressivism at the state and local

level, the Voting Rights act, and we take a look at the first of four

things ruining the country today - a complete lack of political

compromise by everyone.

From the Dustbin Episode 05

The legacy of the Cold War and how it's led to mistakes in the middle

east. Some house keeping on guns and taxes, two things that never seem

to go away. Also, whacky zaney moment in history #5, Operation


From the Dustbin Episode 03

Taxes and Spending : Taking a look at the history of taxes, spending, and

the national debt. Who created it? Who made it worse and how the machine

of the debt is "what it is". Also, whacky zaney moment in history #3 that

ties them all together.

From the Dustbin Episode 02

The Conservative Backlash, as written by Thomas Frank. How Conservatives

took over the minds of people who had no business voting Conservative.

Remembering Freedom Fries, and the culture of be mad, do nothing.

Whacky Zaney moment in history #2, at the World's Fair, and Presidents

with BALLS.


From the Dustbin Episode 01

Gun laws, gun freaks, and compromise...can both sides be satisfied in the

middle? A look at the history of the 2nd Amendment, lame and legitimate

arguments from both sides, and how compromise could be achieved. Plus,

whacky zaney moment in history #1, those radical swashbucklers,

the colony of Massachusetts.

PLAY - From the Dustbin Ep 01