The Joe Schmo Comic Show Ep 17 - The 2014 Golden Schmo Awards

On this weeks episode Jared, Lucas, and Neil are not only joined by one special guest from the past, but TWO special guests from the past. Both Alan AND James stop by and join in on all the action. We talk a ton of news from the Agent Carter and Ant-Man Trailer premiere to the Daredevil Netflix series and much, much more. Then we celebrate the first annual Golden Schmo Awards for best of 2014! We follow that up with a great debate about who would win in a war between The Justice League and The Avengers. And we close the show out with our books of the week Ant-Man #1 by Nick Spencer, Manifest Destiny Vol. 1: Flora & Fauna by Chris Dingess, and The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1 by Ryan North. Also, through the episode, instead of using our usual break music, I decided to share some of my favorite local music from 2014, including a song by Jared's old band. Below is the information on each of those songs! Enjoy!

 Song 1 - I'm Tellin' You by Hurry Home

 Song 2 - Deathbed by It's A Secret

 Song 3 - When You Hit The Bottom by  


 Song 4 - Array by West and Run

 Song 5 - One Way by You Versus The Sea (Jared's Old  


 Song 6 - Go It Alone by Maybe Next Time

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