You Can Do This!

 You know all those "you know what's wrong with the world today" posts?  They end with "our kids don't do this anymore...". Or the "kids today will never know about this movie or cartoon". This bother me for this reason - You have the ability to make that happen for your kids. If they don't know about it, show them. If they don't do this certain thing, have them do it. You hold that opportunity in your hand but you don't do it. You let your kids do what they want. All. The. Time. 

  Teach them things! Show them The Breakfast Club! Have them sit with their grandparents and do things. Don't say to them "you're always on your phone and will never understand...". You're the parent. Take the phone. Or don't buy them a phone when they're super young because you don't wanna hear them complain about what their friends have and they don't. You know the millennials you say you can't stand, you're raising them. And I use the word Raising very loosely. You're keeping them alive till they leave. Raising, to me, means teaching and being involved. Like I said at the beginning, you have the ability and opportunities to be that change. Stop acting like its everyone else's job to teach your kids things. Most of this can be taken care of with good, smart, early discipline. That's a post for another time. Be the change you wanna see!