So Bleeping Confused

It amazes me what offends people. It also amazes me what the FCC deems ok for TV & not ok. The reason I bring this up is because I turn my TV on this morning, to This Michiana(its a movie channel on local TV). The movie that was on showed a guy getting his head chopped up by a lawnmower. A little after that a guy says the word 'shit' and they bleep it out. Later in the movie there is a naked girl, that they blurred out her boobies. Seeing a guy get his head cut off by a lawnmower is ok but saying 'shit' and seeing a boob is over the line? I don't know where the line is. Is hearing somebody cuss more offensive then watching somebody get killed with blood flying everywhere? Some people won't let their kids watch a movie cause there's "too much cussing in it". Too much cussing? If you're against cussing then isn't any too much? Is a little nudity ok? Is one boob ok but two boobs and a butt are not? Is it ok if they say 'shit' & 'ass' but not 'fuck' or 'mother fucker'? I don't get it. I don't let things offend me. I don't let people have that on me. I understand proctecting the children from certain things. I feel like people have told other people what to be offended by and its just been handed down over the years. Isn't being offended just an unnecessary emotion. There is SO many other things for us to be worried about & put our energy towards. Where's the line for you? What offends you and why do you let it bother you?